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WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drives

WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive


In this particular blog you can read about the WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive. This blog has all different types of features, sizes and many benefits. Here’s all the information you need to know:

WD Purple offers its customers a great AllFrame technology. Because WD Purple is equipped with AllFrame it also works with ATA to reduce any frame loss, improve your playbacks and to increase the number of drive bays that are supported. This will bring you amazing reliability and some peace of mind when you are making the installation of it into your home or in your small/medium sized business security surveillance systems.

The Firmware upgrades work with ATA streaming to reduce any error pixelation on your photos or videos. This also will reduce any of your video interruptions that may happen when a desktop hard drive is used in the wrong way in a security system. This security system is built for a 24/7, always on, high resolution surveillance security system. This is only for systems that use up to 8 hard drives and up to 32 cameras.

When you are choosing a hard drive that’s right for you, there’s a few things you need to think about first. You should always choose a hard drive that is designed and engineered for a home or business surveillance system, if that’s where you are installing the hard drive. Choosing the right one that will work properly means that you can then enjoy some peace of mind that you can only get from surveillance-class hard drives.


Desktop drives vs. surveillance class storage.


A standard desktop hard drive is engineered to read, write and transfer data. Whereas, a surveillance hard drive is engineered to perform as a security blanket for your surveillance system.

If you had to transfer loads of products across the world or country, you wouldn’t get someone in a car to do it, so why use the wrong hard drive in a surveillance system? You should never use a desktop hard drive in a surveillance system because it was not designed for that application. If you do this something could do wrong or it might not work at all.

WD Purple surveillance-class storage is always tested for compatibility in a large range of security systems. Because it

 is engineered for compatibility with industry leading frames and chip set manufacturers for consistent integration into your new or existing video surveillance system. These hard drives are designed to replace the normal desktop drives that were not designed for a hard 24/7, always on, surveillance environment. Desktop drives are designed only to run short intervals and they were not engineered to deal with any high temperature variations and any equipment vibrations which are round in a typical surveillance application.

With this system, whether it's to protect a personal asset or if it’s to monitor a business you have worked very hard on. You can always rely on surveillance-class storage which has been built by one of the largest hard drive manufacturers in the entire world.  This hard drive also lowers the power consumption and then makes it flexible and easy for you to expand in the future. This hard drive is also not recommended for a NAS environment


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